Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SAP AG Logo's New Color

What have been seen in the recent weeks ... that SAP AG have changed the color of it's logo.
Now (with effect from March 20, 2011) at it's educational portals, & Windows Terminal Services(WTS@SAP) ....
SAP have changed the color of it's registered logo from Navy Blue Color :

to light blue-shade :

What more is that i have even searched about any declaration about this change on Google & other search engines, but nothing was officially declared....& now from today i can see this color change in SAP's logo on their main portal page as well.
I am unable to get any information about the reason behind, but i think their must be some...???
As SAP do have rights to change it's consortium anytime, but atleast they should conveyed this newz to media & other resources, so that people & other trusted information sources like wikipedia & others may get aware about ...